QT-Group Recruitment Internship

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Website: https://qt-globalgroup.com | https://qntdata.com


About QT-Group: 

#1 Financial Capital Services: 

The global qT-group now has 1 company in Canada, 2 companies in the US and 10+ companies with many offices globally. The group's principal activities are in artificial intelligence and financial investment - applied in many fields, in particular hospitality management and finance for the past three years.

Currently, the group is in the preparation stage to open more companies in North America because of different laws in each state, especially the interests of corporate investment. Our group is also expanding and establishing companies in many regions of the world: Northern Europe, Japan, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Singapore.

Each company of qT-group outside Vietnam is calling their regional capital and outsourcing on qT-Vietnam to develop and refine its core products to suit each region. In the past three years the companies in Canada have done so.

With strong world-leading experience from our founders on artificial intelligent applications, financial managing of 150 million usd investment in Vietnam (2009-2014) and joining 40 billion usd investment management group in Canada (2017-2018), each company outside Vietnam this year is expected to call for investment of 100 million usd.


Be a company owned by the global qT-group.

QT-DATA VN specialises in capitalising enterprise data by combining state-of-the-art ML/AI algorithms, blockchains/ distributed ledger technology and software solutions. Our goal is a long-term commitment with premier professional services to provide a comprehensive data-driven solution for business.

General Information about the Internship program: 

General requirements: 

  •  Honest, meticulous, progressive, creative in work
  •  Fully equipped to work online (computer, webcam, microphone, ...)

Candidate benefits: 

  •  Friendly, dynamic and creative working environment
  •  Issue a certificate after finishing the internship program. 
  •  Chance to become an official staff

Working form:

  •  Duration: Minimum 10 weeks
  •  Start date: Depend on applicants .
  •  Remote 100%

Work time:

  •  If you live in VietNam: Monday - Friday: Morning: 7:30 Am - 11:30 Am| Afternoon:13:00 Pm  – 17:00 Pm and Saturday  Morning: 7:30 am - 11:30 am
  •  Foreign:  Minimum of 4h/days. Works remotely from anywhere. (If you want to work less than the minimum hours, please inform us in advance)


  •  Issued a certificate
  •  Cultivate experience, skills, knowledge in the field and professional skills
  •  Opportunity to communicate with senior leaders in big companies around the world 
  •  Received incentive if show good performance.
  •  Chance to be official staff, working in the north american and us. 

Apply at: 


We are opening some internship jobs for students: 

Technology Internship

 Job description :

  •  Develop a Platform as a Service AI for fields like E Commerce, Human Capital, Financial Capital, Payment, Trading, Real Estate,...
  •  Find and research to reuse available APIs from open source tools to build applications as web services and will be hosted on the server.
  •  Find and research available open source tools, configure tools to integrate into large company tools.
  •  Manage and maintain the server, design the server operation process, plan the use and backup plans of the Ubuntu server.
  •  Maintain and develop the code of a corporate electronic currency unit.

 Job requirement :

  •  Qualification: 2rd-year students to bachelors graduated from universities in related fields such as information technology, maths-informatics...
  •  Have basic knowledge of programming languages, especially Python, know how to use Ubuntu operating system, have in-depth knowledge of the entire web app development process (design, development, deployment)
  •  Good logical and algorithmic thinking, analytical and time management skills
  •  Proactive in work, sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, capable of researching new jobs, implementing requests from superiors

- Business Development Internship 

 Job description :

  •  Participate in business strategy planning with foreign partners focusing on North America
  •  Propose solutions to improve work-related problems, flexibly change business models
  •  Organising periodic business reporting meetings and follow-up business plans
  •  Perform other duties as requested by superiors

 Job requirement :

  •  Qualification: 2rd-year students to bachelors graduated from university/college majoring in finance, economics, business administration,...
  •  Able to work under with a positive and proactive working attitude.

And some other positions: 

- Administrative and Human Internship

  •  Administrative work of the company, 
  •  Participating in the recruitment process 
  •  Human resource projects for the company

- Legal Internship

  •  Vietnamese law
  •  Corporate law in the US and Canada, 
  •  Investment trust

- Communication Internship

  •  Manage and develop the company's communication channels: Facebook, linkedin, twitter.
  •  Participating in projects related to the field


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